Valentim Quaresma

  • January 19, 2015


We can always wonder if we’re looking at the armour of a medieval warrior, the gear of some bondage character, or maybe the result of a scientific experiments on artificial reptile skin? In every collection jewelry artist Valentim Quaresma always seems to add this kind of subtle innuendo of a background plot in almost all of his pieces. The feeling that they belong to some wider and hidden narrative is probably one of the reasons why his creations live far beyond their obvious beauty. The materials he uses can also be sometimes disarming. Next to classical ones like copper or brass or leather, we suddenly recognize the components of a dismembered watch or can be surprised by finding a insanely detailed net knitted out of hundreds of electric wires. A work of infinite patience and craftsmanship, the kind that is expectable from the introspective and shy person he confesses to be. Intuition is also one of the key words to describe his approach: without any previous sketches he likes to grab the materials and start to mold them right away.

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Photos: Vasco Colombo (assisted by Raquel Porto + Marta Rocha); Hair: Joao Pedro Rodrigues, Make up: Rita Lacerda; Models: Natalia Nowicka + Jorge Azevedo / L’Agence; Valentim Quaresma assisted by: Olga Sumska; Production: Mente / +2 designers

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