Tim Etchells

  • January 26, 2015


“I think the way I tend to work is about wanting to open a frame for thinking for the other people and about wanting them to do that work of thinking themselves.” ¶ You might say that he is a performer, a visual artist, a writer, the artistic director of (performance ensemble) Forced Entertainment and a father of two. You might also say he’s a thinker and a man of words. But, to tell the truth, Tim Etchells is a problem maker. ¶ Watch the full interview he gave journalist Maria João Guardão for Mente 01, available for free download here: Mente 01.

photo: vasco colombo

Tim Etchells talks about his work Electric Words, created for Alkantara Festival in Lisbon. In this project, several simple and intriguing phrases in neon were placed at different locations in Lisbon like theatre rooftops or street corners.




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