The fifteen seconds of Sofia

  • February 3, 2015


Immobilized by a medieval-looking contraption attached to the back of her head, model Carla Sofia sits perfectly still as the photographer counts aloud to fifteen. The scene belongs to the 18th century and the early days of photography.


The scene belongs to the 18th century and the early days of photography, but the fact that it is actually taking place in 2014 has little impact on the ritual; the techniques, cameras and materials are exactly the same as the ones used back then. In an age when Instagram is ubiquitous and taking a picture is as automatic as the blinking of an eye, stylist Susana Jacobetty wanted to give this fashion feature a different approach when she invited Filipe Ventura and Rute Magalhães, founders of Silverbox Studio, to make the pictures. Old rituals and skills can give a totally different meaning to the act of capturing an image. “There are always unexpected results thrown up by the process that never fail to surprise us. It’s more than just simply taking photographs: it’s telling stories.” While sophisticated software can provide filters to imitate period photos, Filipe and Rute know that pixels can never emulate the most important tool they use to tell a story: time. So much more than just taking a picture. ¶ In a couple of days we’ll bring you the making of this great shoot.


Photo Silverbox Studio
Concept and Styling Susana Jacobetty
Hair Cristina Peixoto
Make up Inês Pais
Production assistant Rita Cardoso
Model Carla Sofia (Central Models)
A project for Mente Magazine

See the full feature in Mente 01, for free download here:

Mente 01




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