Silent steps in empty rooms

  • January 21, 2015



“While Silent Steps in Empty Rooms was shown for the first time at Lisbon Fashion Week, I observed people as they watched it. Their reactions ranged from total amazement to an extreme discomfort with the it’s creepiness.” ¶ When we invited Make up artist Antonia Rosa to make a project for Mente, she came up with some ideas for photos. But, from that moment on, it became quite obvious for us that we should try different ways of working those initial concepts. We suggested making a movie and in a fulfilling collaborative way we developed the paths that would take us to the final movie.




Concept and make up Antónia Rosa
Film direction and photos Vasco Colombo
Hair Paulo Vieira
Model Angelina Pavlishina / Central Models
Music +2 designers
Vasco was assisted by Raquel Porto and Marta Rocha
Antónia was assisted by Rebecca Fonseca and Lea Magui Louro
Produced by Mente magazine / +2 designers
Aknowledgements: Ilha Exótica, Carla Nunes, Pedro Loureiro

Download for free Mente #01 from Apple App Store here:

Mente 01


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