David Carson — Blue magazine cover

  • February 13, 2014


Check out the moment David tells us about the creation of Blue magazine’s first cover. For the complete profile and interview click in Mente for free download. + One of the most interesting (and surprising) aspects of the interview design guru David Carson gave us was his lack of faith in magazines as a field for new design and experimentation. Given that these were two of the major areas that lent him an unusual rock star status for a graphic designer, his words shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is undoubtedly true that editorial graphic design has been less than exciting in recent years. Nevertheless, is it premature to declare magazines as essentially non-fertile territory?The publishing industry has endured major setbacks, both in terms of sales and readership, due primarily to the inexorable growth of digital media. In addition to this, printed titles have failed to respond properly to this trend. Veering between stubbornly clinging to old models and some form of Stockholm syndrome in relation to digital, true creative energy and risk-taking skills seem to be lacking when they were most needed. Maria Ana Ventura wrote in Mente: “This lack of training and pre-conceived ideas allowed David to rely solely on the most powerful creative tool there is: intuition. This led him to take chances and exploit new paths, in order to succeed in an area that had become rather grey, turning his work into something larger than life.”Things seem to have become grey again. Intuition and risk taking are needed more than ever.

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