Antónia Rosa

  • March 9, 2015


“When Silent Steps in Empty Rooms” was shown for the first time at Lisbon Fashion Week, I observed people as they watched it. Their reactions ranged from total amazement to an extreme discomfort with the it’s creepiness. Weird but always with a fair amount of glamour”.

Photo: Vasco Colombo


When we invited Make up artist Antónia Rosa to make a project for Mente, she came up with some ideas for photos. However, from that moment on, it became quite obvious for us that we should try different ways of working those initial concepts. We suggested making a movie would be the perfect medium, and in a fulfilling collaborative way we developed the paths that would take us to the final result. ¶ This was kind of creative freedom and energy Antónia knew back in the early nineties when she gave her first professional steps in fashion makeup. A kind of freedom that seems to be gone: “Money took control of everything. We used to have total freedom to give our best, to be creative. Today, fashion magazines are too much money oriented and cutting budgets is apparently the main goal for any fashion director. Taking risks is absolutely out of question and creativity is not an important issue anymore.” Personal projects like Silent Steps in Empty Rooms are increasingly becoming the only way to show ideas that otherwise would never see the light of day. ¶ Antónia was born in France and lived in Paris until the age of eighteen. She then moved to Lisbon where she met a group of local emerging talents that became later some of the biggest names in Portuguese fashion scene. Makeup was the area where she fit immediately. “I came from a background where every woman in my family would never go out without red lipstick and false eyelashes. At six I was already doing my sister’s makeup using my mother’s products. Makeup is something I was passionate about from a very early age.” ¶ At the time Antonia also worked as DJ and, along with a partner, she opened a dance and world music record shop. At the back room, she still kept doing makeup jobs. At some point a decision had to be made. Makeup won, music business was left behind. ¶ Jumping between advertising and fashion shoots, Antónia is working on more projects like the one she made for Mente. “I love when people see a picture or a film and have an emotional response. Even if it’s an unexpected or uncomfortable emotion. That’s something I know we’ve accomplished.”

Silent Steps in an Empty Room is a project created exclusively for Mente 01.
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